About Us

We are a film production company dedicated to telling the world about you. Films are a way to make you stand out from everyone else. Engaging a film production company to enhance your message is a great way advertise, inform, educate, recruit, or just tell the world how wonderful you are.

What makes NDEfilms standout as a film production company is our attention to detail. Our desire is to make each film a piece of art which looks great, as well as being informative. We can create bespoke music tracks for our films. With us you’ll get a film which will standout as a fully original piece, delivered with love, and on time. Check out our music here, or visit our Why film and Portfolio pages to see how films can help your. To see some more of our work, our Vimeo page is found here.

What else?

As well as all this, we are the only film production company in the area to be able offer in-house aerial (drone) filming, ground filming, editing, post-production and now live-streaming. Going to another film company will produce higher costs due to out-sourcing. We can fulfil your requirements as a single company and stay on top of the brief.

Our filming has taken us all around the world: Munich, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Atlanta, Raleigh, Amsterdam, Meiningen, London, Edinburgh, New York, Malaga, Tenerife, Santorini, Marseille. We feel extremely lucky to have done this.

Most of all, NDEFilms is a film production company based in Yorkshire specialising in producing eye-catching films for online and social media. Get in touch with us today, to find out how we can make you shine.


Our new, upgraded storage systems can now fully guarantee your data as safe, reliable and manageable too. We have both off-site and on-site storage. It is fully encrypted and featuring 25tb of RAID storage. You can be sure that any footage we have from your project is safe, secure, easily accessible, and protected against cyber attacks.


Also check out our aerial filming website: Horizon Drones.