film production

What’s my job again?

Film Production – Understanding the job We’ve all been in the situation where you agree on film production job with a client, the filming goes fine, you produce an edit, and they change their mind and finally tell you what they were actually thinking the film would look like. In this situation I regularly hear […]

10 years experienced editor

Talking helps

Around this time of year the work always tends to pick up and companies like us get busy. That means lots of enquiries (hopefully) and lots of quoting for filming and editing.   I’ve never been comfortable quoting. I constantly worry about if I’m charging enough and if the quote looks too big, at the […]

Live Streaming

NDE Live streaming!

We’ve been running some live streaming for a client over the past couple of months. This was a new venture for us and we had to do a few tests to get it right. They were successful though and the client was happy with the quality and content.   We started out trying a reasonably […]

Aerial Filming and Photography shoot in Caribbean

Aerial filming abroad

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling this year. We’ve been filming in North Carolina, Spain, the Canary Islands, Barbados, and St Kitts and Nevis, as well as shoots here in the UK. A lot of these shoots have been aerial filming abroad with the drone. So, what have I learnt? Because travelling with the […]


Tips for a tidier timelapse

So you’re heading out to film some timelapses. Great work! It can be daunting just setting off, with the amount of work needed for just 10 seconds of film. The preparation, the setting up, the checks and re-checks, the filming (and waiting), the editing…oh the editing!   There are so many variables that can send […]

Aerial Filming and Photography.

New Horizons – Aerial Filming

We are now offering aerial filming and photography! We got a DJI Inspire 1 UAV earlier this year and have been collecting shots whilst going through the EuroUSC BNUC-S course. It’s been an interesting development learning this new skill. Not only mastering the manoeuvres of the UAV and learning new controls, but also seeing and […]

Traffic timelapse New York City

New York Timelapse Filming Part 2

Sorry it’s been a while since the last post. Been quite busy and not got round to these timelapses for a while! But here we are, with New York Timelapse Filming Part 2…I’ve got a few to show you that went well…and a few which didn’t! I’m not going to pretend that everything comes out […]

New York Shoot – 2014 Timelapse Photography

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. We recently got back from a a 2-week shoot in New York, filming for a load of tech films and getting some really nice b-roll and plenty of timelapse photography, and even some hyperlapse photography!. I haven’t put the timelapses together yet but thought I’d share some of […]

Location scouting trip to treasure Island, San Francisco

Location scouting on a budget: Top 5 tips…

When we’re filming away from ‘home-turf’ it’s always difficult to judge locations. Location scouting can be costly, and a scouting trip beforehand can be even more expensive! Here’s my 5 tips on scouting out good shots! 1. Plan ahead. This one, at first, seems pretty obvious. You always plan your shoot, right? And doesn’t this […]

Luggage for Munich

Hire or Tire? Filming on Location

It’s not often that you get to film at your base. Most of my filming is done away from the office, away from my hometown, and even away from the UK. You’d have thought I would become a pro at organising equipment for trips “off-site”. However, I’m not. The big question of ship or hire […]