NDE Live streaming!

We’ve been running some live streaming for a client over the past couple of months. This was a new venture for us and we had to do a few tests to get it right. They were successful though and the client was happy with the quality and content.


We started out trying a reasonably new product to the market called the Mevo, made specifically for live streaming. It’s a nice thing, filming in 4K with the ability to cut into the shot multiple times, all controlled from your phone or tablet.


We found the cut ins, even with plenty of light, could be grainy though, and any internet dropouts were also recorded as dropouts on the internal SD card.


We eventually settled upon 2 Sony cameras (Z7 and 5Dmkiii) running into the laptop through a pair of Blackmagic intensity shuttles. The 3 lavalier mics were run through a desk into the Z7 so enabling recording on the cameras and good sound going out to the live streaming via a free programme called OBS, which also served as the live stream studio.


It a world of on-demand TV and a need for instant gratification in our home lives, I can only see this behaviour mirrored at work, especially with the time constraints on people, and live streaming being used more and more.


They’re a great way to get a new product out, discuss industry or company innovation and technology, or as a learning tool.


To find out more about our streaming capabilities and packages, get in touch with us via the contacts page, or drop me an email at iain@ndefilms.co.uk



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