New Horizons – Aerial Filming

We are now offering aerial filming and photography! We got a DJI Inspire 1 UAV earlier this year and have been collecting shots whilst going through the EuroUSC BNUC-S course. It’s been an interesting development learning this new skill. Not only mastering the manoeuvres of the UAV and learning new controls, but also seeing and getting used to a new angle on the aerial photography and film.

Having the chance to get those shots you always wanted to. The shot where you’d know an aerial view was right, but when you looked around for a high building to shoot from, you would find yourself surrounded by bungalows!

And it’s not just about getting as high or as fast as possible. Most people ask about what the range is. It is pretty impressive, as is the allowed distance under UK Law for UAVs. However, quite often it is more interesting to get lower, more detailed shots. The movement and angles you can get make for something really fresh, really new. Aerial filming and photography is a growing industry that is constantly evolving at the moment. It’s really exciting.

So here’s the new showreel. It’s the aerial filming and photography showreel from us, working with Horizon Drones, our partner company that we run the aerial footage through.

Take a look and please let us know what you think. Especially at the start of a new, additional venture it’s always good to get a lot of feedback.

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