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What’s my job again?

Film Production – Understanding the job We’ve all been in the situation where you agree on film production job with a client, the filming goes fine, you produce an edit, and they change their mind and finally tell you what they were actually thinking the film would look like. In this situation I regularly hear […]

Traffic timelapse New York City

New York Timelapse Filming Part 2

Sorry it’s been a while since the last post. Been quite busy and not got round to these timelapses for a while! But here we are, with New York Timelapse Filming Part 2…I’ve got a few to show you that went well…and a few which didn’t! I’m not going to pretend that everything comes out […]

Luggage for Munich

Hire or Tire? Filming on Location

It’s not often that you get to film at your base. Most of my filming is done away from the office, away from my hometown, and even away from the UK. You’d have thought I would become a pro at organising equipment for trips “off-site”. However, I’m not. The big question of ship or hire […]

First film picture for the new website

New Website…New Blog…

Welcome to the new blog! I’ll pop some news up on here and use it to let people know what we’ve been filming and where we’ve been visiting. I’ll bring up any problems we’ve encountered and our work flows to deal with them. We’ll hopefully even get some clients to write us a guest blog […]