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Around this time of year the work always tends to pick up and companies like us get busy. That means lots of enquiries (hopefully) and lots of quoting for filming and editing.


I’ve never been comfortable quoting. I constantly worry about if I’m charging enough and if the quote looks too big, at the same time! Because of this I stick rigidly to a price list and always try to learn from jobs.


I put a clock on my time whilst editing to monitor how long it’s taking me. This means if I’m charging dependent on time, I can ensure the final invoice is accurate. If I pre-agreed a maximum edit time, I can be accurate and fair with the client.


The other important thing to remember whilst working your way through your mountain of money-making quotes is: remember to talk to the client. When someone enquires, they normally send an email. A lot of the time you won’t know them. Call them. Find out about them, about their organisation, about their project.


When I was first starting out, a friend of mine told me about a notebook he always carried with him. In it was a page for every client he’d ever had and on the page, he made little notes about who they were. What kind of pets they had, what they enjoyed eating, how they had their coffee or tea.


It may sound a bit creepy, but it made the client feel interesting and important. It made a connection between the client and his company. It made the client feel like part of his company.


I always try to remember this when meeting potential clients. The best way to connect with them is to talk to them. And the best way to convert them into current clients is connect with them.


For an enquiry contact us or our sister company, Horizon Drones.


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